Monday, May 23, 2016

Linda Swanholm Alters Fake ID to Avoid Consequences for Stalking and Harassment

Since joining twitter in 2012, Linda Swanholm has used the false identity CMMorgan, aka @Socallks to harass, stalk and intimidate all those opposed to her.

Here is one of her typical tweets, from her @socallks identity:

Unfortunately for Linda Swanholm, those tweets live on, in her new attempt to hide from a accountability for her actions:

If you are considering who is right and who is wrong, heres a question to consider:

Why do Linda Swanholm, Cherie Richards, and other #stoprush leaders go to such outrageous lengths to hide and mask their identity? Why do they, when discovered, suddenly change to a  new identity? What does that tell you about their motives?

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Linda Swanholm and her History of Stalking

I posted a story at about Linda Swanholm, and how her private persona is very different from the image she portrays to family and friends.

Linda is one of the leaders of the #StopRush group of co-conspirators that harass charities and businesses who dare to allow messages to be placed (even free support for autism and children) in shows she personally despises, like The Rush Limbaugh Show. She and her friends believe that they have the right to make media choices for others, and if they don't obey her demands, she just harasses and stalks them until they do.

But that isn't the limit of her despicable behavior. She has spent the last 18 months not only attacking the author of this blog, trying to harm him, but even does the same to his family. If you know Inda Swanholm, it's important to know she has a dark side she desperately wishes to hide from you.

You can read the full story, including Linda's own tweets, right here. It's a highly relevant and timely story to understand how she and her friends will stop at nothing to force others to obey their political decisions.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Linda Swanholm... Five Years of Progressive Political Harassment of Businesses

This is the story of Linda Swanholm of Covina, California, who has carried on a five year 24/7 campaign to harass charities & businesses purely for political purposes. Linda attempts to silence political media which does not reflect her views through harassment & intimidation. Her target is conservative radio programming, primarily The Rush Limbaugh Show. 

Her objective is to attempt to harm the program and the people who want to listen to it through her campaigns of lies and distortions. Her most common tactic is to make a false claim about what Rush Limbaugh says or believes, then associate a business as "endorsing" her false statement... unless they cancel their advertising.

Here is an example of how Linda Kotsenburg Swanholm attacks:
A typical Linda Swanholm attack .

Linda Swanholm's Defends Her Activities as a "Public Service":

Swanholm generally argues that she is in the business of "educating and informing advertisers" of the placement of their ads, as a public service.  However, if they refuse to cancel their advertising, she continues to harass and defame them thousands of times, to attempt to harm their reputation. Some of these campaigns directed at individual small businesses have gone on for almost five years.

Swanholm frequently publishes short snippets of emails (without identifying information) she purports to be from businesses she has contacted, claiming thanks for her services. When challenged, however, she says she is "protecting the identity" of these businesses against harassment (the nature of which she never identifies).

Many people have asked Swanholm to prove that these "thank you emails" are real, and that she isn't creating them herself... she refuses to do so. In the light of the evidence of her activities below, we think you will understand why.

But the Truth of Linda Swanholm's Harassment is Much Darker:

The record of Linda Swanholm's harassment is very clear, and it is published here in her own words. Swanholm goes by the false name "CMMorgan" to attempt to hide her true identity, and not be held accountable for her words and actions.

1. Ganging up with her friends to Harass & Intimidate those that ignore her:

If Swanholm is not obeyed, she asks her friends to "storm" businesses with many tweets as harassment
Linda is polite unless you challenge her... then she attacks relentlessly. 

2. Harassing and intimidating Charities Receiving Free Advertising Support:

Public Service Announcements are provided to worthy charities without cost to help them raise money or awareness. You might think that Mrs. Swanholm would not harass charities like Children's Fund or Autism Speaks. A normal person would likely decide that anywhere these worthy charities can find donations is fine. In the case of Linda Swanholm, you'd be wrong. Linda Swanholm goes out of her way to attack charities receiving free advertising support, like the sample below. There are many others.

Linda Swanholm clearly recognizes the ad as a PSA (Public Service Announcement), but attacks the charity anyway

Swanholm prefers charities lose needed donations & support if they won't heel to her demands about rejecting free advertising from The Rush Limbaugh Show
Linda Swanholm would rather kids go without desperately needed donations than allow these charities to accept free ad support from speech she opposes.

3. Intimidating  Business Leaders

Linda Swanholm often uses intimidation and harassment of businesses when they won't adhere to her demands. One way she does this is by locating photographs of their CEOs, and publishing them, while associating them with the false claims she makes about the media she demands they renounce.

For example:

Linda Swanholm publishes photos of CEOs of targeted businesses to harass & intimidate
Linda Swanholm is a serial harasser and stalker of these businesses. for more on this, see this post about her four-plus year pursuit of one business that refuses to heel to her.

4. Using Vile Insults & Harassment against Those Who Oppose Her

The heart of Swanholm's argument against The Rush Limbaugh Show comes down to her claim that the language of the show is vile and unacceptable. Yet look at this screen capture from a video she regularly distributes to harass and attempt intimidate those who act to hold her accountable for her actions:

Linda Swanholm objects to Rush Limbaugh's words, yet directs these to Rush Limbaugh's spokesperson

Linda Swanholm purports disgust at the words of Rush Limbaugh, but endorses much more vile, homophobic, and disturbed language directed at those who stand against her.

If you have been attacked by Linda Swanholm and would like assistance, please tweet to @stoprushfacts.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Linda Swanholm Claims She is Threatened by Publishing Fake Emails

Linda Swanholm has a long history of publishing partial emails without identifying information, then claiming they "prove" something, usually that her harassment is appreciated by the business she targets.

Here are some samples. Note the similarity of language, structure... everything:

Published "coincidentally" immediately after Linda Swanholm was identified as a serial harasser of charities like Autism Speaks and Children's Fund

In every case, and dozens of others, Swanholm was asked to provide corroborating information about these emails she "receives" and she always refuses. It's very likely that she is simply creating them herself, as part of her disturbed pattern of behavior. 

Today, however, Swanholm reached a new low. She claims she is being threatened because of this blog and Tweets about it, and published more "emails" she wont identify:

Where's the police report, Linda Swanholm? Where's the headers, or the "from" address. A person says this to you and you protect their identity? 

Linda Swanholm's bag of tricks are old and tired. She is a disturbed woman, a narcissist, and a liar. She will stoop to anything to harass and defame those who won't tolerate her emotionally ill behavior.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Rush Limbaugh Show raises $3+ Million for Leukemia/Lymphoma. Linda Swanholm Protests "Let him go elsewhere"

One Friday each year,Rush Limbaugh sets aside a significant part of his radio program to raising funds for The Leukemia Lymphoma Society, in an even called the Cure-A-Thon. It's a stunning success... having raised over $47 million in the last 25+ years from The Rush Limbaugh Show.

The most recent event was Friday April 8th. Rush took a call during the show from a man whose cancer was cured by a treatment funded by The Leukemia Lymphoma Society. The one day event raised over $3.3 million. Here's the release:

Wouldn't you expect Linda Swanholm and her #stoprush friends to get behind this, to support an effort to cure cancer? At the very least, to stop their harassment for this very worthwhile and important cause? 

Well, she didn't, and continued her harassment of charities. Here is her reasoning:

Rush Limbaugh and his audience of 20 million listeners a week raise this money to end blood cancer. Linda Swanholm would prefer they "do it elsewhere."

Wouldn't you ask the same of Swanholm?

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Linda Swanholm's Attacks and Harassment directed against Ayres Hotels since 2012

As we have discussed throughout this website, Linda Swanholm and a small group of her friends have been obsessed for almost five years with trying to damage businesses that refuse to adhere to her demands about where they are "allowed" to advertise.

Most notably, Swanholm has attacked and stalked sponsor businesses of the Rush Limbaugh Show. Now, obsession is a serious charge to make, and it's reasonable to ask if it really applies. After all, how do you measure the difference between an interest and genuinely obsessed behavior?

We suggest you look to the facts. Swanholm's history is public, and it is not a pretty picture. With regards to Ayres Hotels, she has directed thousands of tweets against them. Her usual path is to make a false statement about Rush Limbaugh, then attempt to associate it with her business target, like this:

Linda Swanholm lies about Rush Limbaugh's words, then attempts to harm businesses that advertise in his show with them
Of course, Swanholm is not alone in this, but she is certainly the most fixated. Here is her friend Carol Wallin (see here for Wallin's history of legal harassment, and how she was sanctioned by the courts) conducting the world's smallest picket. Swanholm retweeted this hundreds of times, including her threat to another business covered here, FJ Mercedes.:

Linda Swanholm retweeted Carol Wallin's sad picket photo hundreds of times. Wallin even spelled "Ayres" incorrectly. Note Swanholm's threat in the tweet against another advertiser "You could be next..." and she smiles. We don't.

But it's the sheer volume of Swanholm's tweet that show real evidence of an unhealthy fixation. Previously, we showed her 46 pages of tweets against FJ Mercedes. With regards to Ayres Hotels, however, her record is far worse:

Linda Swanholm has directed thousands of tweets over five years against Ayres Hotels because they refuse to heel to her demands. Here are 113 pages of tweets by one woman, Linda Swanholm, 24/7/365 for five years: 

Everyone agrees that the right to an opinion is sacrosanct. So is the right to protest. But harassment is not the same as speech. Linda Swanholm's actions are those of an unhealthy personality who lies about her motives, her identity and her tactics.

Her real goal is harassment, intimidation, and stalking of anyone who refuses her political demands to suppress opposing speech. She does not care about the businesses she harms or the rights of others. All Linda Swanholm cares about is getting what she wants by any means.

Linda Swanholm Has been Harassing FJ Mercedes since 2012

Linda Swanholm is a Covina, California partisan political progressive. She attempts to harass businesses that choose to advertise on programming she opposes for political reasons. Her desire is to intimidate these businesses into cancelling their advertising by damaging their reputation through the constant repetition of false claims. She does not care about the harm she causes these businesses.

Swanholm claims that she simply "educates" businesses who "have no idea" where they are advertising, and they are grateful for her help.

So how does she explain 46 pages of harassing tweets since 2012 directed against FJ Mercedes, an auto dealer who no doubt advertises in hundreds of broadcast and print products?

Here is what Linda Swanholm does to businesses that will not simply heel to her demands. How obsessed and fixated must she be to direct this level of harassment for years against one business?

Linda Swanholm Harassment of Business- An Example 

Swanholm has targeted dozens of other businesses with similar obsessive treatment. See the Ayres Hotels example for even worse behavior.

If you have been targeted by Linda Swanholm and would like help, please contact @StopRushFacts on Twitter.